Thursday, March 12, 2015

Vector Artist: Helen Huang

I chose Helen Huang for my vector artist. She is primarily a fashion illustrator for books, but she's mainly a digital artist from LA who was born and raised in China. She is heavily influenced by Chinese cartoons and Manga. As a child, I really liked Manga which is why I was drawn to her art, especially because Manga is very relatable and the characters come to light through their illustrations. In an interview about her, she claims that her favorite Illustrator tool is the Color Panel because it works on highlighting and shading and mixing colors. She likes to work on balancing colors and toning hue and saturation. You can see specifically in shading, for example the shading in hair, and how the colors sort of blend into each other. I like that her art is very female-centered, since the main subjects in all of her drawings are women and sort of gives a vibe of female empowerment without losing its femininity. She incorporates lots of feminine things such as hearts and rainbows, which give the images a fun, childish look to it.