Thursday, February 26, 2015

Charles Csuri

Charles Csuri is considered one of the fathers of digital art and computer animation. I was really drawn to Csuri's art because he mixes traditional forms of art -- such as drawing and painting -- with digitalized computer art. I have a little bit of background in drawing, which I really love to do, and it's interesting to see how he is able to incorporate that with digital art, and it has very much influenced me because it's directly related to my interests. I particularly like the piece "N-Spaces" which he took an angelfish and copied the image over and over again and created a sort of cubic texture, which completely distorted the former image and made it into such an interesting abstract combined image. The "Intersecting Planes" piece also does the overlapping of images and the way they are angled create a 3D effect. Overall, I think that Csuri's strengths lie in taking something ordinary and creating a whole new image through overlapping, playing with lines and spaces, and mixing painting in it as well, he sort of creates a hybrid of art. I also really appreciate the way he uses lines to create a human face, or a human body. I think it's significant because lines sort of take the viewer back to simpler times, when there were no computers to make art and it was a very specific, hard process. I Lastly, another piece by Csuri I found interesting was "Calligraphic" in which Csuri was very much influenced by Japanese art and calligraphy and created a digitalized version of another traditional form of art.

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